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Two facts about parental leave:

Going out is the easy part. 

Coming back, maybe not so much.

So a big shoutout to our client The Estee Lauder Companies for thinking through both sides of the equation.

Estee Lauder Companies: Showing the Business World How it's Done

The global cosmetics giant made news recently not just for expanding their leave program for working parents, but also for carefully thinking about how to help people (moms and dads) forge a path on the return back.

What's on tap?

  • Six weeks of back-to-work flexibility
  • In-home back-up child, adult and elder care
  • Back-up child care at centers
  • An infant transition program
  • 15 back-up care visits per family member per year

What Estee Lauder Companies Leadership has to Say

"We recognize that all employees are different, their needs are different, their work-life balance is different," Latricia Parker, executive director of global benefits of The Estée Lauder Companies, told Employee Benefits News, "and we want to give our employees choices that allow them to pick the benefit that works best for them wherever they may be in life whether they are starting or growing a family, taking care of a loved one or investing in their career growth and development."

"Family is important to us," added Estee Lauder Executive Vice President, Global Human Resources Michael O'Hare. "We believe providing an abundance of options to our employees will help them thrive inside and outside of work."

Picture of a Beautiful Benefits Package

We couldn't agree more. And we'll add - what a way to support your whole workforce!

We are so proud to work with you, Estee Lauder - a company with "a desire to push the boundaries" that extends to benefits as well as beauty.

And bravo for one picture-perfect program!

Written by: Bright Horizons Blog Editor

August 1, 2021

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