Bright Horizons CEO Dave Lissy Honored with Work-Life Legacy Award

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Bright Horizons is so pleased to congratulate our own CEO Dave Lissy for being recognized with the prestigious Work-Life Legacy Award. The award commends the men and women who have worked to transform today's workplaces; it was presented to Dave at the 2015 Families and Work Institute Annual Gala in recognition of his extraordinary contributions to the work-life movement.

Encouraging a Healthy Integration Between Work and Life

In an interview with Institute President Ellen Galinksy, Dave discussed the ongoing need for family-friendly workplaces, and the importance of encouraging cultures that foster a healthy integration between work and life. Throughout his career, Dave has been focused on creating just such workplaces, as well as on early education and care programs for employed parents that respect child care staff as much as the employed parents they serve.

In recent years, Dave has been invited to talk about positive business culture at the Great Place to Work Conference and advocate for working parents alongside the President at the White House Summit on Working Families. "Bright Horizons was founded more than twenty five years ago with a clear mission of making a difference in the lives of the clients and families we have a privilege to serve," said Dave. "I am truly honored to receive this recognition from the Families and Work Institute, and feel incredibly lucky to be part of an organization that is so passionate about supporting the pursuit of work/life balance and devoted to creating a work environment founded on dignity and respect." Congratulations, Dave! 


Written by: Bright Horizons Blog Editor

August 1, 2020

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