Why Back-Up Care? Because "Snow Days" Happen...Even When There's No Snow

woman with baby calling to get back-up care

Here’s a fun fact.

There’s currently no snow (zero, nada, zilch) on the ground of metropolitan Boston.

Here’s another (not-so) fun fact: schools in one metropolitan Boston community are having a “snow” (or at least winter-weather) day.

The culprit: wind...downed trees...no power.

“There’s no school today,” tweeted one obviously sad woman, likely a mom, with a crying emoji.

“It’s going to be a long winter,” answered another.

Mother Nature 1, working parents 0.

Turns out, it takes more than winter weather to give kids a snow day – and parents a headache. Wind, holidays, school vacation, the other 80 days on the calendar with no school; the 22-million school days lost to the common cold…

Have we mentioned we’re big fans of back-up care? No wonder the benefit gets shoutouts on Twitter not just in winter, but all year long:

It doesn’t always take snow to cause a snow day…or torpedo a work day.

Back-up care can save it.  

Written by: Bright Horizons Blog Editor

December 27, 2018

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