6 Low-Tech Things Successful HR Departments Always Do

Two male colleagues reviewing their HR benefits portal online

It’s been said that doctors who become patients change how they approach medicine.

The same can be said of HR people. One experience on the customer side of a company’s HR platform can change how a manager approaches benefits dissemination forever.  

It makes sense. Just like patients, users of your portal have the unique perspective of knowing not just how your portal works, but how it feels – is it easy to use? Is it frustrating? Does it follow a logical path? 

Yet in this age of high-tech, it’s easy to lose focus on the employee experience. And that’s a shame since it means those high-tech, right-now benefits you worked so hard to create may be helping your workforce less than you think. For all the algorithms and analytics, sometimes it’s plain, old human interaction that delivers the real insights. 

So, with open enrollment coming into view, now’s a great time for a low-tech check-up on the health of your platform. 

What should be on your list? 

Log on: Don’t just look at it – use it. Have a task in mind and then try to accomplish it. Things can look a lot different when you move from the theoretical view to the “how is this working for me” perspective. 

Click through: Take an objective look at content to assess the big picture. Is it comprehensive? Is it easy to see everything that’s available? 

Surf: Put yourself in the space of someone needing a particular piece of information. Where are your solutions? How easy are they to locate, or perhaps more concerning – to miss? 

Contact: Hit a snag? Is usable contact information in plain sight? Does it take a scavenger hunt to find? 

Call: If you’ve got a phone contact, dial it. How helpful is the opening message? Where does it route you? Is it a fully-active source of information? Or is it a holdover from the days before electronic communication became the norm? 

Leave a message: What happens when an employee leaves a message, either by phone or digitally? The best way to find out is to leave one yourself. And then wait. 

There’s one more good reason to give your site a checkup: recruitment. These days, many employers are un-gating platforms to show recruits what they offer.  And savvy young employees are right there, using platforms to compare competing offers. That means a less-than-user-friendly user experience is frustrating more than employees – but prospective hires, too. 

In single-digit unemployment, that may be the best reason for some diagnostics from the “patient” side of the equation.

Written by: Lisa Oppenheimer

July 23, 2019

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