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What to look for in a baby daycare

With a new baby, there are few decisions that feel larger than choosing the right baby daycare. You want a place where you know your child will be in the hands of caring professionals – teachers who will nurture your child’s growth and development, supporting today’s leaps and tomorrow’s milestones.

At Bright Horizons, we offer early education and child care that’s much more than a daycare center – it’s a place where your infant will learn, grow, and thrive in an environment designed to capture the joys of childhood while providing individualized learning.

Infant care programs from Bright Horizons

With Bright Horizons baby daycare, your newborn is in experienced hands, spending the day in a safe and secure environment that’s made for exploration and learning. We offer newborn daycare in convenient locations with flexible schedules and extended hours – it’s infant care designed for working families.

At our baby daycare centers, your child will enjoy:

  • Thoughtfully designed classrooms with sensory-rich spaces and soft places for rolling over, pulling up, crawling, and exploring
  • An assigned primary caregiver for individual attention and communication
  • Custom care plans that support your daily routines and nutritional guidelines
  • Safety, security, and cleanliness practices that meet or exceed all local, state and national guidelines

Our World at Their Fingertips® curriculum offers an innovative approach to newborn education, relying on six infant Signature Practices that optimize opportunities for learning in our baby daycare classrooms.

  • Daily Reading: Consistent read-aloud time with age-appropriate books to build listening skills, vocabulary, and a passion for reading
  • Prime Times: One-on-one interactions to cultivate nurturing relationships with our caregivers
  • Treasure Baskets: Contact with new materials and everyday objects to spark curiosity
  • Outdoor Discovery: Activities outside to enjoy nature and expand motor skills
  • Sign Language: Learning useful gestures to express basic needs and build language development
  • Art Activities: Opportunities for creative expression with finger painting, music, and pretend play


Meet the teachers who will care for your child

Bright Horizons caregivers are talented, caring teachers with an amazing ability to tune into what makes each child tick. In our baby daycare centers, each child enjoys one-on-one time with an assigned primary caregiver, providing your child with quality personal care.

Our teachers are the heart of our baby daycare programs. To support them in their careers and further their education, we provide ongoing, professional training and full financial support to pursue degrees in early education. With Bright Horizons, you can have confidence that your child is in the hands of caring professionals with a passion for early education.

What’s different about baby daycare at Bright horizons?

Here’s what makes Right Horizons different:

  • We nurture the whole child, offering well-balanced programs that not only prepare children for success in school and life, but focus on their social, emotional, and physical needs as well.
  • Our proven curriculum is based on research that reflects best practices in early education.
  • Our thoughtfully created environments offer infants and children a safe space to play and explore.
  • We’ve designed our program with locations and hours that fit the way you work.
  • Our centers are places where children feel safe and loved from the moment they put their hands in ours, to the moment their hands are back in yours.
  • We provide resources that support parents as well as children.


The Bright Horizons programs that follow baby daycare

Bright Horizons offers a seamless educational experience, with programs that include:

  • Toddler daycare. Our programs empower toddlers to be confident, successful, lifelong learners.
  • Preschool. Our preschool daycare and nursery schools inspire children to be curious and creative thinkers who are intellectually, physically, emotionally, and socially ready for the big years ahead.
  • Pre-kindergarten. Our pre-K programs empower children to think critically, explore new ideas, and build the skills they’ll need for success in school.
  • Kindergarten. Our kindergarten programs promote development of strong literacy and math skills essential for school.


FAQs: what is baby daycare?

What is baby daycare?

Baby daycare is child care specialized for the needs of children from newborn to roughly 18 months.

What’s different about Bright Horizons baby daycare?

With Bright Horizons you don’t have to choose between child care and education. We provide enriching educational experiences in every aspect of our care programs. Our curriculum is crafted with over 30 years of expertise and designed to support your baby’s physical and cognitive development.

Does Bright horizons offer parttime care?

Yes. Both part-time and full-care is available at our baby daycare centers.

Can I visit my baby during the day?

Yes. We welcome you to visit your child at any time. Our open-door policy is designed to allow parents to experience as much of their baby’s growth and development as possible.

What are the educational goals of baby daycare at Bright Horizons?

Our baby daycare programs support the whole child, fostering cognitive, social-emotional, and physical well-being. Our research-based programs and welcoming environments are carefully designed by educators to support each infant’s exciting developmental milestones.
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