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Career & Professional Development

career professional development

A career with Bright Horizons is a journey with unlimited opportunities for professional development and personal growth.

Career development options are offered through a formalized succession-planning program, one that is unsurpassed in the industry. This program enables you to be an active part of managing your career, providing a multitude of innovative learning services to support your growth, including our own Bright Horizons University. Whether you work in our child care center, one of our elementary or Montessori schools, or on a team in our corporate offices, you will receive the training, feedback, and guidance to support you along your desired career path.

Employee training and development opportunities that are part of the Bright Horizons experience include:

Career Growth and Learning Process 

Our formal Growth and Learning Process is the roadmap for employees' careers. Goal setting, formal job performance feedback, and career planning are integral parts of the process, aligning employees' personal plans and targets with Bright Horizons' goals for success. Innovative, state-of-the-art, online approaches to job-performance appraisal include peer feedback for operations managers and corporate office employees. 

Rewards for CDA / AA / BA Graduates

We value and applaud employees who take the next step in their lifelong journey of learning, and we believe those efforts should be recognized. That's why we offer a 5% increase in salary for any center-based teaching-team member who earns a new CDA credential, associate's, or bachelor's degree. Through this monetary reward, we also provide an incentive to our employees to continue their education and to become our organization's next leaders. 

Professional Development from Bright Horizons University 

Bright Horizons University (BHU) is our greatest, most tangible way of reinforcing our commitment to ongoing employee training and career development. Available to all employees, BHU is a CEU-granting university that includes online and offline components and interactive courses. Our upgraded learning management software platform allows employees to interact with each other, ask experts questions in real time, use cameras to see each other during webinars, and contribute to course blogs. BHU offers a wide selection of content in management development, early education, leadership skills, time/project management, and job-specific coursework. Through BHU, employees can get insight into Bright Horizons' business practices and gain essential skills such as center support skills, customer service expertise, and effective communication. 

Growing Our Leaders: Charting a Career Path 

A unique succession-planning program helps identify our company's future leaders by formally assessing an employee's potential for success. All employees have a plan for their career progression, which can include transfers and lateral moves as well. Ongoing growth and professional development is actively discussed and implemented in partnership with managers throughout the year to guide individual career goals.

Ongoing Employee Training

Bright Horizons has created a myriad of career training opportunities for use at our centers and corporate offices. Along with instructor-led training modules geared toward large group sessions, Bright Horizons offers online programs through BHU that allow for individualization of training materials. Training programs for new employees include an innovative New Employee Orientation program aimed at helping employees succeed. This program includes mentoring and a buddy system. Additional programs include our individualized self-study classes such as Essentials: Caring and Learning at Bright Horizons and More Time for You, a time management workshop, plus the opportunity to attend professional development conferences.

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