Toddler Preschool

The right toddler preschool for your child

Choosing a toddler preschool is a big decision. Toddlers are making big developmental leaps every day, and you want a place where your child can test out new skills, wonder about the world, and learn how to make friends. Most of all, you want a place where teachers know they’re caring for the most important toddler in the world – yours. 

Bright Horizons provides toddler preschool with individualized learning plans that support the giant leaps of toddler years. Our compassionate teachers and welcoming environments make children feel comfortable as they explore and encounter new experiences.

Individualized toddler care at Bright Horizons

Every child has a different way of learning. Bright Horizons teachers take the time to figure out what interests each toddler and zero in on those things that spark curiosity and make learning fun. Our goal is to provide personalized care that enables children to become the leaders, artists, and innovators they’re meant to be. 

Highlights of our toddler preschool programs:

  • Support for newfound independence and social skills 
  • A research-based curriculum proven to prepare toddlers for preschool and beyond
  • Environments rich with reading material and visual media to promote literacy and imagination
  • Activities designed to build independence in decision-making and problem solving
  • Small-group projects and playtime to promote positive social skills and teamwork 
  • Strict safety, security, and cleanliness practices to comply with all state, local, and national guidelines

In our toddler preschools, children benefit from our World at Their Fingertips® curriculum, which includes Signature Practices to fill every day with leaps in learning. Our Signature Practices for toddlers include: 

  • Prime Times: Individual attention from our caregivers to build relationships and important social skills
  • Small-Group Learning: Cooperative activities to promote teamwork in the classroom and build healthy social skills
  • Self-Help Skills: Daily encouragement for toddlers to learn tasks and engage in activities independently 
  • Language Development: Conversation to encourage thinking, speaking, and comprehension
  • Sensory Experiences: Playtime with new tools and materials to encourage curiosity and ignite the senses
  • Cause and Effect: Exercises exploring the scientific method to foster a passion for experimentation
  • Outdoor Experiences: Time outside to explore nature and new environments

What’s different about our toddler preschool?

Bright horizons toddler preschool programs offer:

  • A proven curriculum that is based on best practices and research on early education
  • Thoughtfully created environments that provide safe spaces to explore and play
  • Teachers who are supported to stay current on the most effective education techniques and to grow professionally
  • Locations and hours designed for working families
  • Programs that focus on the whole child, supporting the social, emotional, physical needs of each child to prepare them for success in school and life 
  • Centers where children feel safe and loved 
  • Family resources that include parent partnership groups, a mobile app that keeps parents connected throughout the day, and webinars, podcasts, and weekly newsletters that provide the support parents need to continue education at home.

After toddler care: our preschool and pre-K programs

Bright Horizons provides programs for every age and stage. Our educators work with your family to find the best time to transition to the next stage of care. Our programs include:

  • Baby daycare programs. Our newborn daycare and infant care programs offer research-based learning and welcoming environments that are carefully created to support all your baby’s exciting development milestones.
  • Preschool daycare programs. Our ready-for-school curriculum is based on what research suggests is the best way to prepare children for kindergarten – and all the steps beyond.
  • Pre-kindergarten programs. Our pre-K programs provide a curriculum recognized by parents and teachers as essential to building the social and academic skills required for school. 

What parents say about toddler preschool programs

Here’s what parents and teachers have to say about Bright horizons graduates:

  • 97% of Bright Horizons parents say their children can collaborate, think critically, and communicate effectively. 
  • 97% of parents said their child entered school with the ability to approach a challenge in an innovative or creative way.
  • 94% of teachers said that Bright Horizons graduates were ready to accept new responsibilities and greater independence.
  • 97% of parents report their child entered elementary school prepared and ready to meet the demands of their new school.
  • 93% of teachers agree that the Bright Horizons’ graduates in their classrooms were well prepared with the literacy and math skills they needed for academic success.
  • 98% of Bright Horizons’ parents and teachers agree Bright Horizons’ graduates entered elementary school with a strong enthusiasm for learning.

FAQs: what is toddler preschool?

What is toddler preschool?
Toddler preschool is a licensed daycare or early education program that offers child care and structured educational learning for toddlers. 

What does Bright Horizons offer for toddler preschool?
Bright Horizons offers toddler preschool programs with focused educational goals to build foundational skills for success in elementary school and beyond. 

Where is the nearest Bright Horizons center?
Use our Find a Center search tool to locate the nearest Bright Horizons locations to you.

What is the cost of toddler care at Bright Horizons?
Tuition for our toddler preschools varies by center, schedule, and individual classroom. We know tuition is an investment, which is why we’ve thoughtfully balanced our rates to reflect our high standards of care while minimizing the impact on families. For more questions, contact your nearest center directly. 

Is part-time care available?
Yes. Bright Horizons offers both part-time and full-time care. You’ll work with the teachers at your child’s toddler preschool to craft a schedule to meet your family’s needs. 

Are there programs for children with special needs?
Yes! Bright Horizons is an inclusive community where children with special needs can find opportunities for care and education. In our toddler preschools, parents, teachers, directors, and specialists work together as a team to craft strategies to accommodate differences and maximize learning in the classroom.