Toddler Daycare

How to choose a toddler daycare

When you’re looking for a toddler daycare, the provider you choose will have a significant effect on your child’s growth and development. That’s why any toddler care center needs to do more than look right – it needs to feel right. When you drop off your children, you need to know that they will be safe, nurtured, and supported by skilled caregivers who will unleash their curiosity and help them take the next big steps in their growth and development. 

For more than 30 years, Bright Horizons been a leader in child care and early education. Offering much more than a licensed daycare center, we provide programs that offer convenience for working parents and individualized learning experiences for your toddler.

Toddler daycare programs at Bright Horizons

Bright Horizons toddler daycare programs provide a safe environment for your newly independent toddler to test out new skills, learn how to make friends, and experience the wonder of discovery.

Bright Horizons toddler preschool programs at a glance:

  • Classroom activities that engage toddlers in language and reading, fine motor skills, math, science, dramatic play, science, art, and outdoor learning
  • A focus on individual growth and decision-making
  • Support for each toddler’s newfound sense of independence and newly developed language and social skills
  • An individualized approach to teaching that bases learning on each child’s unique interests
  • A relaxed environment that nurtures self-help skills and individual development
  • Safety, security and cleanliness practices that meet or exceed all state, local, and National Association for the Education of Young Children guidelines

Our World at Their Fingertips® curriculum offers seven Signature Practices for our toddler daycare programs:

  • Prime Times: One-on-one moments with caregivers and other children to build social skills and relationships
  • Small-Group Learning: Projects and playtime activities that support social interaction while limiting overstimulation
  • Sensory Experiences: Filling spaces with sensory-rich materials and media that encourage exploration
  • Language Development: Conversations that builds skills in thinking, speaking, and comprehension
  • Self-Help Skills: Daily tasks and routines that allow children to learn at their own pace 
  • Outdoor Experiences: Time outside to engage in new sensory experiences
  • Cause and Effect: An introduction to the scientific method, encouraging toddlers to ask questions, experiment, find answers and test results 

What makes our toddler daycare different?

Bright Horizons stands apart from other toddler daycare centers by providing:

  • Locations and hours designed for working families
  • Well-balanced programs that nurture the whole child and prepare children for success in school and life
  • A proven, research-based curriculum that reflects the latest developments in early education
  • Thoughtfully created environments where children can safely explore
  • Child care centers where children feel safe and loved
  • Family resources that support parents as well as children

Teachers that inspire a love of learning

The heart of every Bright Horizons toddler daycare center is our caring teachers. Passionate about early education, our teachers are focused on figuring out what motivates each child to learn and supporting their interests through ordinary moments and big milestones. 

To support our teachers and ensure the highest quality education in our toddler daycare programs, we offer a nationally recognized training program and tuition benefits that enable teachers to earn early education degrees for free. We are proud to be the first child care program to do so. It’s one more way that we invest in the care and education of your child.  

Additional programs from Bright Horizons

From infant care and toddler daycare to pre-k schools and kindergarten classes, we offer convenient, individualized care and education for every stage and age. When you join the Bright Horizons community, you’ll benefit from seamless transitions between care programs and thoughtful consultation about when to make changes.

Bright Horizons also offers resources and programs for parents, including: 

  • Webinars, podcasts and weekly newsletters
  • Social channels to share ideas with other parents and teachers 
  • The My Bright Day® mobile app to connect you to your child’s classroom with photos and real-time updates on care, learning, and milestones 

FAQs: all about toddler daycare at Bright horizons

What are Bright Horizons educational goals?
From our baby daycare programs through our kindergarten classes and beyond, our mission at Bright Horizons is to help your child grow intellectually, socially, and physically. Thoughtfully crafted activities engage toddlers in language, reading, science, math, and art in a hands-on way to lay the foundation for future learning. Our curriculum and environments are designed to spark your toddler’s curiosity, inspire imagination, and nurture the inquisitive mind. 

Is toddler daycare available part-time?
Yes. We realize every family has different needs and we work parents to create convenient care schedules that integrate with family routines. We offer full-time and part-time toddler daycare, along with back-up care programs and extended hours. 

Can I visit my toddler during the day?
Yes. Our open-door policy encourages parents to visit their child in our toddler daycare programs. We understand that parents want to be as involved as possible during these formative years. 

Where is the Bright Horizons toddler daycare nearest me?
Our Find a Center search tool will help you quickly locate the closest toddler daycare centers to you. We recommend looking at a few locations to find the right fit for your child as each center is slightly different, reflecting the unique personality of its leadership in the community.

What if there isn’t space available at my local center?
Even if your first choice Bright Horizons location is full, we encourage you to register and join the waitlist. You can register at up to three locations. If your first choice is not immediately available, it may be possible to enroll at a nearby location on a temporary basis.