Preschool Program

What to look for in a preschool program

In the exciting years before elementary school, your child is growing every day, taking new chances and discovering new things about themselves and the world. A preschool program should nurture this curiosity while getting children ready academically and socially for the big years ahead.

At Bright Horizons, our child care programs provide preschool education that inspires children to be curious and creative thinkers, ready to tackle new challenges and advancing the skills they’ll need for kindergarten and beyond.

Preschool programs at Bright Horizons

In Bright Horizons preschool daycare centers, activities are tailored to support your child’s unique needs and interests. Our ready-for-school curriculum is based on research that identifies what best prepares children for kindergarten – and all the years ahead. Our carefully designed programs make sure children feel safe and cherished from the moment they put their hands in ours, to the moment they put them back in yours.

Highlights of our preschool program:

  • Curriculum that nurtures exploration in a wide range of academic areas
  • Teachers and learning approaches that adapt to each child’s talents and interests
  • Literacy activities that build a strong foundation for reading and create a smooth transition into elementary school
  • Individual and small group work with opportunities for problem-solving, decision making and cooperation
  • STEM activities to foster future-forward skills
  • Safe, secure, and clean environments that meet all state, local, and national regulations

Signature Practices

Our preschool program includes Signature Practices that offer hands-on approaches that help build the skills your child will need in kindergarten and beyond. Highlights of our program include:

  • Writing Center: Inspiring interest in writing and creating books using a wide variety of tools, paper, and other materials
  • Daily Pre-Reading, Writing Listening, and Speaking: stories and literature that inspire an understanding of the relationship between speech and print
  • Everyday Mathematics®: integrating counting, patterns, and mathematical reasoning in everyday routines
  • Science Laboratory: Hands-on activities for exploring, examining, and wondering about the natural world
  • Cooking with Recipes: Exercising creativity in the kitchen and learning to count, measure, and follow instructions
  • STEM Activities: Incorporating science, technology, engineering, and math into daily play to build 21st-century skills
  • Woodworking: Experiments with safe tools and materials that let children tinker, build, and explore balance, weight, strength, and texture


Our approach to preschool education

As a licensed daycare and early education provider with over 30 years of experience, we know exactly how to support your child in an individualized path toward learning and discovery. In this important developmental stage, each day is a new opportunity to inspire a passion for knowledge and experimentation.

Our emergent approach, which offers learning activities that leverage a child’s interests, is tested and proven to motivate children throughout their early years. We believe in nurturing each preschooler’s natural gifts and passions to build a healthy relationship school, to promote a lifetime love of learning, and to build a strong academic foundation for success in elementary school.

In addition to preschool programs, we offer seamless child care for the first five years of life, from

infant care and nursery schools to pre-k schools and kindergarten classes.

Our teachers: the heart of our preschool programs

The teachers in our preschool programs are people who have the skills, passion, and dedication to make early education their life. Bright Horizons supports teachers with nationally recognized teacher training programs, including our own eCDA Child Development Associate credential.

Early education is an ever-evolving science and we’re committed to incorporating the latest research into our programs. Beyond our own training, we support each teacher to further their professional career, earning college degrees with our full financial support.

Each of our caregivers has a talent for recognizing each preschooler’s interests and supporting their individuality. Bright Horizons educators have an amazing ability to zero in on these unique qualities and adapt their teaching approach to suit each child. In our preschool programs, you’ll find teachers you can trust – experts at creating inspiring, one-to-one moments in learning.

Bright Horizons: nurturing each child’s growth

In our preschool program, we support the child’s natural sense of curiosity, enabling them to grow from the block-builders and finger-painters they are today into the architects, artists, scientists, and citizens of tomorrow. Our integrated curriculum and caring teachers will give your child the confidence to tackle new challenges, and the skills they’ll need for kindergarten and beyond.

What you can expect from Bright Horizons:

  • An emergent curriculum based on the latest research to inspire a lifelong passion for discovery
  • Support for the whole child and their intellectual, social, and physical development
  • Creative activities that cultivate curiosity through projects, exploration, and play
  • Encouragement for children to be confident experimenters and problem solvers
  • Technology in the classroom to build skills useful in the modern world
  • Thoughtfully designed environments that promote joy throughout your child’s day

FAQs: Bright Horizons preschool programs

What is the cost of tuition?

Tuition varies by center, schedule, and type of care. Our rates are carefully set to balance the impact on families with the professional training, resources, and competitive teacher compensation required for our standard of care. Contact your center directly for more information.

Where is the Bright Horizons preschool program nearest me?

We offer preschool programs in many locations across the country. To find the nearest locations and best fit for your child, enter your zip code into our Find a Center search tool.

How does Bright Horizons vet employees?

Your child’s safety is our top priority. We perform comprehensive background checks on all prospective employees and frequent visitors at Bright Horizons preschool programs. These include:

  • A thorough criminal record search performed in all counties where a person has lived, worked, or attended school
  • A search of the Sexual Offender Database
  • Verification through the Office of Foreign Asset Control search
  • A social security verification

Are there playgrounds at Bright Horizons centers?

At Bright Horizons, we believe the playground is one of the most valuable classrooms in a child’s life. When thoughtfully created, playgrounds are the perfect laboratory for risk-taking and navigating social situations. Many of our preschool programs are equipped with onsite playgrounds designed with specific educational goals and the highest safety standards. Consult the website of your nearest Bright Horizons preschool program for information about playground access