Preschool Daycare

What to look for in a preschool daycare

The preschool years are a time when your child is ready to take chances, tackle new challenges, and experiment with new things. Finding the right preschool daycare is essential to support their exploration. You want a program that gives you complete confidence in every aspect of your child’s education – from health and safety, to caring teachers, to a proven curriculum that prepares the way for your child’s journey to kindergarten and beyond.

  • Offering more than a licensed daycare, the right preschool daycare should provide:
  • Well-researched educational practices for every stage of learning
  • Caring teachers who are attuned to each child’s needs and who encourage individuality
  • A curriculum designed to prepare children for the demands of elementary school
  • An approach to teaching that imparts a lifelong love of learning
  • Activities with a strong focus on reading, writing, and math skills
  • Community-oriented classrooms where social skills are a priority


Preschool daycare with Bright Horizons

Bright Horizons is a premiere child care provider, offering environments and experiences that capture the joys of childhood while paving the way for success in school and life. Our approach fosters individualized education and inspires children to be curious and creative learners. In our preschool programs, we offer balanced care to support your child’s cognitive, social-emotional, and physical development.

Bright Horizons preschool daycare offers joyful and meaningful learning experiences that prepare children to be ready for the big years ahead. Our flexible curriculum includes literacy, language, writing, math/manipulatives, creative expression, science, social/emotional development, technology, music, dramatic play, and outdoor learning. And our opportunities for problem-solving and decision-making help children to be confident, well-rounded, and ready for the future.

The teachers who nurture your preschooler

The teachers in our nursery schools are people with the passion and talent to inspire your child to find the joy in learning. Our caregivers take an intuitive approach, observing what motivates each child to learn and tailoring class activities to build on those very things. At Bright Horizons, our teachers spend one-on-one time with students so they can build close relationships and become attuned to each preschooler’s needs.

Bright Horizons preschool daycare teachers are leading the way in early education. To support them in their careers, we fully fund their tuition for advanced college degrees. We also back our teachers with our own nationally recognized training programs for ongoing development.

What’s special about Bright Horizons?

At Bright Horizons early education and daycare centers, you’ll find:

  • Well-rounded programs that help children grow socially, emotionally, physically, and academically
  • A ready-for-school curriculum designed by experts in early education
  • Observant teachers who adapt their approach to each child
  • Convenient locations and extended hours to accommodate your work schedule
  • Joyful spaces that encourage safe exploration
  • Resources for parents to bring learning home


Our World at Their Fingertips curriculum

Bright Horizons preschool daycare programs are focused on building a passion for learning that will last a lifetime. Our World at Their Fingertips® curriculum meets children where they are developmentally and leverages their personal strengths and interests toward discovery.

Our preschool curriculum includes:

  • Projects that allow children to work independently, with a teacher, and in small groups to encourage different ways of learning and cooperating
  • A wide range of activities that support creative expression in art, music, language, theatre, and more
  • Teaching approaches that adapt to each child’s unique needs and learning process
  • STEM learning that sparks curiosity and builds future-forward skills
  • A focus on problem-solving and decision-making to build confidence and independence


Our curriculum includes Signature Practices designed to make preschool learning active and fun:

  • Daily Pre-Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking: Language-rich classrooms and activities to build literacy skills
  • Writing Center: Projects that inspire an interest in writing and creating books, with access to a wide variety of writing tools, paper, and other materials
  • Everyday Mathematics®: Integrating numbers and math into daily routines
  • Science Laboratory: Inquiry-based projects using natural materials and opportunities to collect, examine, explore, and experiment
  • Cooking with Recipes: Creative adventures in the kitchen to learn about counting, measuring, and fractions
  • Woodworking: Construction projects involving real tools and materials that enable children to tinker and build


FAQs: what is preschool daycare?

What is preschool daycare?

Preschool daycare is a child care program with an educational focus on providing children with the skills they’ll need for elementary school.

What preschool daycare programs does Bright Horizons offer?

Bright Horizons offers child care programs for toddlers and pre-kindergarten children, as well as infant care for newborns. Our programs are based on our signature curriculum, The World at Their Fingertips, which leverages each child’s interests to create individualized learning experiences.

Are Bright Horizons programs offered part-time?

Yes. Our child care centers offer full-time and part-time programs, along with back-up care and summer programs as well.

What is the cost of preschool daycare at Bright Horizons?

Tuition varies by center location, classroom level, and schedule. Our rates are carefully set to ensure we can provide the highest quality education and care while remaining affordable for working families. For more information about tuition, contact your local Bright Horizons center.

Where is the nearest Bright Horizons center?

To find the most convenient Bright Horizons location for you, you may use our Find a Center search tool.