Pre-K Schools

The benefits of pre-K schools

The last year before kindergarten is a wondrous time full of enormous growth and exciting experiences. Pre-K schools can help children to flourish during this important time, while building the social and academic skills they’ll need to be ready for school.

At Bright Horizons, we offer child care centers and pre-K schools that enable children to develop the academic, social, and physical skills they’ll need for the road ahead.

Bright Horizons pre-K schools

As a leading child care provider for more than 30 years, Bright Horizons has provided child care and early education designed to serve the needs of working families while nurturing the growth and development of every child. Our pre-K schools offer a research-based program carefully designed to meet the needs of children while preparing them for success in elementary school.

Highlights of our pre-K schools include:

  • Curriculum that empowers children to think critically and explore new ideas
  • Encouragement for developmental and academic achievements
  • Multiple and diverse learning activities that ensure children thrive in executive functioning, social awareness, and health and wellness
  • Support for core pre-academic areas including scientific investigation, literacy, mathematical reasoning
  • Emphasis teamwork and developing a positive self-image that will be essential for success in school and life


Our World at Their Fingertips® curriculum includes several Signature Practices that are incorporated into the curriculum at our pre-K schools. These include:

  • Daily Experience Sheets: Completing a record of the day’s activities to develop writing skills
  • Science Fair: Creating a project showcase that stimulates interest in science and excitement about what children have learned
  • Word Rings: Building a collection of “words I know” cards to develop vocabulary and promote letter recognition
  • Journal Writing: Writing exercises to communicate thoughts and ideas about language, science, and math-related organizational skills
  • Rotating Math Stations: Working with scientific and mathematical tools to practice sequencing, graphing, and estimation


What our pre-K schools offer

We’ve designed our pre-K programs to get your child ready for the next big step: kindergarten. In fact, 97% of parents said their child was well-prepared for the demand of their new school after graduating from Bright Horizons.

When you enroll your child in one of our pre-K schools, you can count on:

  • A research-based curriculum that reflects the best practices in early education
  • Thoughtfully created environments where children can safely explore and play
  • Teachers who are current on the most effective education techniques
  • Locations and hours designed to support the way you work
  • Well-balanced programs that prepare children for success in school and life
  • Centers where children feel safe and loved from the moment they’re dropped off to the moment they’re picked up

In addition to pre-K schools, we offer infant daycare, toddler daycare, preschool programs, and kindergarten classes, enabling your child to make a seamless educational transition at every age and stage.

What makes our pre-K programs different

What sets us Bright Horizons apart from other pre-K schools?

  • Our extraordinary teachers: At Bright Horizons you’ll find caring educators with a talent for understanding how best to motivate each child. We support our teachers with nationally recognized training and certifications, as well as fully-funded tuition for college degrees.

  • Support for Families: Our programs are designed for working families. Convenient schedules and carefully planned hours ensure that the pre-K schools and programs are designed to fit the way you work. We also offer family learn-at-home activities, parent webinars to keep you informed, and a mobile app that keeps you connected to your child’s learning environment while you’re at work.

  • Well-balanced care: We offer a research-based approach that leverages your child’s interests for discovery. Exciting and immersive learning experiences help build a foundation for future success. And an emphasis on cognitive, social-emotional, and physical development provides support for the whole child.

Our proven curriculum

Crafted with the latest research, our emergent approach meets pre-K children where they are developmentally and leverages their personal interests to encourage growth.

Highlights of our curriculum:

  • Encouraging deeper understanding. Bright Horizons teachers encourage children to ask questions, fostering curiosity to understand how things work.
  • Developing Executive Function. In our classrooms, education goes beyond facts and figures, inspiring children to innovate, problem-solve, and apply information in creative and resourceful ways.
  • Promoting Social-Emotional Learning. Our curriculum supports important social skills, helping children to express themselves, resolve conflict, and work cooperatively with classmates and teachers.
  • Instilling 21st Century Skills. Our graduates are confident students who are ready to handle the academic, social, and behavioral challenges of the first year of elementary school and beyond.
  • Skills for the Modern World. Our integrated and emergent curriculum gives young children the ability to understand not just what to learn, but how to learn.


FAQs: What are Bright Horizons pre-K schools?

What are Bright Horizons pre-K schools?

Bright Horizons pre-K schools are thoughtfully designed programs with enriching spaces and an emergent curriculum that maximize each child’s learning in the year before kindergarten. We offer a wide range of care plans for every age and flexible schedules for working families.

Where are Bright Horizons pre-K schools located?

Our centers are located across the country, providing convenient access to early education. Use our Find a Center search tool to find the program nearest you.

Do Bright Horizons pre-K schools have special needs programs?

Yes. Bright Horizons is an inclusive community and children with special needs will find opportunities and support at our centers. Teachers collaborate with parents, directors, and specialists to maximize opportunities for learning and to eliminate any barriers or safety issues.

What happens when Bright Horizons pre-K schools are full?

We recommend starting the application process early to ensure you have access to our pre-K programs when you need it. If your first choice in a Bright Horizons center is full, you can still register to be added to a waiting list. Your child will be offered a place in the program as soon as space becomes available. In the meantime, you may have the option of temporary care at a nearby center.

Do Bright Horizons pre-K schools offer part-time programs?

Part-time schedules are always available at our pre-K schools. We work with parents to create a care plan that meets your work needs.