Finding the right pre-K program for your child

When it comes to pre-Kindergarten, you want your child to have the freedom to enjoy the last year before school begins while building the skills for navigating the steps ahead.

At Bright Horizons, we offer pre-K programs that are carefully designed to allow children to flourish in this age of exciting growth, while preparing them academically, socially, and physically for the first year of kindergarten.

Pre-K programs at Bright Horizons

At Bright Horizons child care centers, our research-based programs are designed to meet your child’s unique needs while preparing them for elementary school. Grounded in an emergent, inquiry-based curriculum, our pre-K programs empower children to think critically, explore new ideas, and build on the STEM, language, art, and social skills they’ll need for success in school.

Highlights of our pre-K programs include:

  • A focus on pre-academic skills in reading, math, and science to prepare for success in kindergarten and beyond
  • Activities that support teamwork and help to build a positive self-image
  • Creative, hands-on and project-based learning
  • Multiple and diverse learning activities to ensure that children thrive in all areas of development
  • Teachers who recognize and support each child’s unique way of learning and encourage them to reach developmental and academic milestones
  • Safety, security, and cleanliness standards that meet or exceed all state, local and national guidelines

In addition to pre-K programs, Bright Horizons offers infant daycare, toddler programs, nursery schools and preschool programs for seamless transition through all the stages of early education.

Meet our pre-K teachers

Ask any Bright Horizons parent and they’ll tell you that our teachers are the heart of our preschool programs. We seek out individuals with a passion for education and the talent to support the natural curiosity and interests of each child.

To support our pre-K teachers in their careers, we provide award-winning training and full tuition to continue their education and earn early childhood college degrees. Our teacher education programs are a hallmark of our centers, and just one more way we work to ensure the very best for children in our centers – and teachers in our field.

The Bright Horizons difference

From our infant care and toddler preschool to our pre-K and kindergarten offerings, our programs feature:

  • Locations and hours designed for working families
  • Thoughtfully created environments that promote safe exploration
  • Proven curriculum based on the latest research in early education
  • Teachers who are supported to stay current on the most effective education techniques
  • Centers that let children feel safe and loved from the moment they arrive to the moment they are back in their parents’ arms
  • Well-balanced programs that prepare children for success in school and life by focusing on social, emotional and physical well-being
  • Family resources that support parents as well as children


Our innovative curriculum

At Bright Horizons, we believe children are natural artists, scientists, and adventurers. Our World at Their Fingertips® curriculum is designed by early education experts to nurture inquisitive minds and create meaningful moments in learning.

Highlights of our World at Their Fingertips® curriculum:

  • Math Counts: Laying a foundation in mathematical reasoning and problem-solving through counting, sorting, and patterning activities
  • Language Works: Cultivating a lifelong love of language, books, and reading in language-rich environments with ample opportunities to listen, speak, read, and write throughout the day
  • Art Smart: Developing skills in fine art, music, theater, and dance, helping children to express themselves artistically
  • Science Rocks: Sparking a fascination for science inquiry by observing, describing, recording, and forming conclusions
  • Well Aware: Fostering a positive attitude about physical activity, healthy living, and nutrition, incorporating healthy habits in the daily routine
  • Caring Matters: Promoting emotional well-being and healthy social interaction by consistently using positive language for when interacting with peers
  • Toward a Better World: Instilling respect for the environment and diversity of cultures, acknowledging and valuing the cultural heritage of each family


FAQs: all about Bright Horizons pre-K programs

What are the educational goals of Bright Horizons pre-K programs?

At Bright Horizons, we believe it’s our responsibility to provide experiences and environments that capture the joys of childhood, that nurture your child’s growth and development, and that paves the way for success in school and life. Our programs are designed to:

  • Provide an integrated curriculum based on expert research
  • Nurture your child’s curiosity and thirst to understand how things work
  • Include projects and play that encourages a hands-on approach to learning
  • Foster future-forward skills through exploration of STEM disciplines
  • Develop literacy with daily reading
  • Encourage children to be confident experimenters and problem solvers
  • Create an inclusive and respectful community

Where is the closest Bright Horizons center?

We have locations across the US. Use our Find a Center search tool to locate the pre-K center nearest you.

What do pre-K programs cost?

Our rates are thoughtfully set to reflect our high standard of care while remaining affordable for working families. Tuition varies by pre-K center, classroom, and schedule. Contact your local center directly to find out more.

Does Bright Horizons offer part-time pre-K programs?

Yes. Part-time pre-K programs are available at many Bright Horizons centers. Check with your local center about availability.

Do Bright Horizons centers have playgrounds?

Most of our locations have access to a playground or outdoor play space. Many of our centers offer on-site playgrounds, thoughtfully designed for safe exploration and experimentation. Check the website of the Bright Horizons pre-K schools nearest you for detailed information about access to outdoor spaces.