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Make onsite daycare a competitive advantage

A family-friendly culture is a valuable differentiator for businesses today. As the talent market tightens, top employees in every industry are looking for employers that understand the challenges of working parents. Many say they would take a lower salary for a job with child care benefits. In this environment, onsite daycare programs offer a powerful recruitment and retention advantage that can elevate an employer’s brand and build a robust talent pipeline.

As a leading provider of strategic solutions for workforce development, Bright Horizons offers nationwide employee daycare programs that solve the child care challenge for working families and help businesses compete for talent. With high-quality and education-focused centers conveniently located at the workplace, we provide parents the support they need to balance the demands of work with family responsibilities.

Why should employers worry about working parents?

Finding affordable, high-quality child care is a big struggle for working parents. Local child care providers often have few openings available and charge rates on par with college tuition. Few providers can accommodate the needs of parents who are working long hours or who have unusual schedules. The difficulty of coordinating care often causes promising employees to decide to stay at home rather than return to work. 

These child care dilemmas can be extremely costly for businesses. About one-third of today’s workers are also parents, and many are delaying parenthood to their 30s and 40s when they’re established in their careers and are serving in senior-level roles. Losing these talented high-level employees can be expensive, costing as much 400% times their salary to replace. More importantly, the loss of exceptional workers is a significant setback to businesses trying to build a high-performance workforce. 

Many employers are addressing these concerns by offering onsite child care, and the impact is significant. In a recent study, 90% of respondents indicated that the option of onsite daycare makes them more likely to continue to work for their organization, and 92% of respondents agree that it positively impacts their overall well-being.  When companies provide access to quality child care with convenient locations and hours, the result is happier, more engaged, loyal workers who value their employer’s support.

Bright Horizons onsite daycare programs

With more than 30 years of experience, Bright Horizons is one of the nation’s leading onsite daycare companies. We work with employers to develop onsite daycare programs customized to the unique needs of their workplace. Our comprehensive family support programs include return-to-work programs for moms as well as options for back-up care, elder care, and other specialized care plans.

Whether you’re looking to design an onsite daycare or seeking help to manage a center, Bright Horizons has the expertise and resources to deliver high-quality child care solutions for your employees. 

Our expert services include both center development and center management.

Center Development: We have developed hundreds of centers for clients across the country. Our services include:
Comprehensive development from start to finish
In-depth analysis of employee demographics to assess needs and potential utilization
Budget modeling and financial sensitivity analysis 
Industry-leading design and programming resources 
A customized center that reflects the culture of your company

Center Management: We can provide turnkey onsite daycare management services that include:

Licensing handled by our experienced operations teams
Compliance with all local, state, and national safety guidelines
Organization of payroll, employee benefits, and human resources
A research-based curriculum with an emergent approach to early education

Examples of custom onsite daycare

Each workplace has different child care demands. With Bright Horizons, you’ll work directly with our development team to create a center that meets the specific needs of your employees.

Examples of customized onsite daycare include:

Hospital centers with extended hours to accommodate the unusual schedules of medical personnel
A biotech employer that offers STEM activities in the classroom led by parents
A law firm’s center that provides full-time, back-up, and school-age care for the diverse need of their employees
University centers that deliver on the child care needs of students, faculty, and staff
A healthcare employer that offers specialized sick care so the center can support parents when children are too ill to attend their regular classroom

Advantages for employers

With superior onsite daycare programs, employers can:

Enhance productivity: Providing dependable child care that’s tailored to employees’ schedules enables workers to concentrate more fully on the demand of their job.
Improve retention: Access to onsite daycare appeals to both working parents and workers planning to become parents and can reduce employee turnover by 60%.
Recruit top talent: Employer-sponsored child care and other programs like back-up care and employee wellness programs benefits are highly sought out by the most qualified job candidates.

FAQs: What is onsite daycare?

What is onsite daycare?
Onsite daycare is an employer-sponsored child care program located at the workplace. Onsite child care is a valuable benefit for employees balancing careers and families.

How does onsite daycare help employees?
Onsite child care simplifies the lives of working parents who often struggle to find affordable, quality child care that fits their schedule.

What are the business advantages of onsite daycare?
Employers who implement onsite daycare provide critical support for employees who are struggling to balance work and family responsibilities. Onsite care can also help working parents advance their careers. By sponsoring child care programs, businesses can benefit from improved retention, recruitment, and productivity. 

What are dependent care benefits?
Dependent care benefits support employees who are caring for children, aging parents, disabled family members, or other dependents in need of care. These benefits can include center-based care or in-home care coordinated by the employer. 
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