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How to compare child care centers

Choosing a child care provider is one of the most important decisions you’ll make for your child and family. You want an environment where your child will be safe, loved and supported by skilled providers, where curiosity can be nourished, and where your child can develop the skills and learning necessary for the next big steps in life.

As you’re comparing local daycares and child care centers, it’s important to look for providers that offer:

  • A joyful place for celebrating childhood.
  • A program that offers early education with a research-based curriculum.
  • Locations and hours that meet your family’s scheduling needs.
  • Well-balanced programs that nurture the whole child – social, emotional and physical.
  • Environments where children feel safe and loved.
  • Spaces where children can safely explore, interact, discover, and learn.


Bright Horizons child care centers

For more than 30 years, Bright Horizons child care centers have been providing quality care and early education that nurtures each child’s growth and development. Our goal is to provide an environment that captures the joys of childhood while paving the way for your child’s future success in school and life.

Our programs include:

  • Infant care that offers a warm environment where your baby can flourish.
  • Toddler care where children are empowered to be confident, successful, lifelong learners.
  • Preschool programs that prepare your child for school through social and academic learning.
  • Pre-K programs that ensure academic readiness by emphasizing skills in core areas.
  • Kindergarten programs with age-specific curriculum and skill-building activities.


The teachers who will nurture your child

At Bright Horizons child care centers, your child’s day begins and ends in the care of teachers who have a remarkable enthusiasm for helping children to learn and flourish. Our educators pay close attention to what makes each child tick and work to support their innate interests in every possible way.

We’re passionate about giving our teachers the opportunities they need to succeed professionally. We provide our own award-winning training, as well as full financial support toward college degrees to ensure our they keep current on the most effective teaching methods.

What parents say about our child care centers

Here’s what parents have to say about Bright Horizons daycare centers and pre-K schools:

  • 98% of Bright Horizons’ parents and teachers agree that our graduates entered elementary school with a strong enthusiasm for learning.
  • 97% of parents feel their child entered elementary school prepared and ready to meet the demands of their new educational environment.
  • 93% of teachers agree that the Bright Horizons’ graduates in their classrooms were well prepared with skills they needed for academic success.
  • 97% of parents said their child entered school with the ability to approach a challenge in an innovative or creative way.
  • 97% of Bright Horizons parents say their children are able to collaborate, think critically, and communicate effectively.


A curriculum that caters to your child’s interests

At Bright Horizons, our emergent approach to early education is designed to foster a love of learning by basing education activities on your child’s interests. Our curriculum is age appropriate and custom-designed to encourage curious, happy, and confident children at every age and stage.

Highlights of our curriculum:

  • Project and play based learning. Hands-on activities immerse children in learning to develop a foundation for future success
  • Support for the whole child. To encourage future leaders, citizens, and stewards, we focus on physical, cognitive, and social-emotional growth.
  • Nurturing curious minds. We encourage children to constantly ask questions, fostering an interest in how things work.
  • Developing executive function. In Bright Horizons classrooms, we inspire children to build confidence through problem-solving, decision-making, and using information in creative and resourceful ways.
  • 21st century skills. Children graduate from our centers ready to manage the academic, social, and behavioral expectations of elementary school and beyond.
  • Providing joyful spaces. We consider the classroom environment to be a critical part of the learning experience, and we fill all our spaces with thoughtful materials to inspire children throughout the day.


FAQs: What are Bright Horizons child care centers

What are Bright Horizons child care centers?

Bright Horizons child care centers combine child care and early education with programs designed to capture the joys of childhood, to nurture growth and development, and to prepare your child for success in school and life. Our child care centers offer programs for the first five years, from infant care to kindergarten, with a research-based curriculum designed to unleash curiosity and help children learn everything they need to be ready for school. We combine convenient schedules designed for working families with individualized education designed to inspire a lifelong love of learning.

What’s the tuition at Bright Horizon child care centers?

Tuition varies by program, individual classroom, and center location. Our rates are thoughtfully set to minimize the impact on families while maintaining our high standards of care. Contact your local center to find out more.

Can I visit my child during the day?

Yes. At Bright Horizons, we encourage parent presence in the classroom. Our open-door policy means you can stop by anytime.

Does Bright Horizons offer part-time care?

Part-time and full-time care plans are available at all our locations. You can consult with our educators and administrators to craft an individualized schedule for your child’s care at Bright Horizons. We also offer back-up care, summer camps, and before- and after-school programs for school-age children.

Where are Bright Horizons child care centers near me?

Use our Find A Center search tool to locate your nearest Bright Horizons program. Just enter your zip code to see the most convenient options.

What if my local Bright Horizons child care centers are full?

We encourage you to register with your first choice in Bright Horizons child care centers as soon as possible. If the center is full, you’ll be added to a child care or daycare waiting list, and will be offered a space as soon as one becomes available. Some families are able to enroll at a nearby center on a temporary basis until space becomes available at their first-choice center.