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Prepare Your Child for School

Growing Learners

Education resources to inspire a love of learning at home.

As a parent, you are your child's first and best teacher. No one understands your child better - his strengths and needs, motivations and interests. You're uniquely qualified to know exactly which ideas or topics will capture your child’s interest and enthusiasm. And you're the best person to reinforce that continual learning is fun. Growing Learners provides practical information, ideas, and examples of how to help your child grow as a lifelong learner through discovery and exploration at home.

Ready for School: Strategies to ensure your family's successful transition to school
Parent Webinar Series
Preparing for School

Leaving the familiar surroundings of preschool or home and going to school for the first time isn't just about the child. Entering kindergarten or 1st grade is a milestone for the entire family. Our parent webinar can help your family prepare both academically and emotionally for this transition from early education to elementary education.

We provide tips for learning and play activities families can do at home to support their child's success and confidence in school. Also, you will hear first hand from parents who have experienced the move from child care to elementary school and learn what they suggest families do to prepare themselves, as well as their child to be ready for school.

Growing a Learner: Creating a learning culture for your child
Parent Webinar Series
Learning Activities and Games

On the day your first child was born you instantly became a parent and a teacher. You're now wearing so many hats it's hard to keep them organized. Parent, employee, adult child, gardener, cook, partner, taxi driver and teacher…the list is endless.

Parents are the busiest people we know. Watch our webinar to learn how to make even the most routine tasks, like grocery shopping and bath time, enjoyable learning experiences for your child, and for you. It's not about quantity; it's about quality and seizing the moment.Discover proven and practical techniques to help your child learn.

Growing Learners at Home
Learn how to nurture your child's natural curiosity into a lifelong love of learning. Click on the images below.
growing learners literacy Literacy growing learners math Math growing learners science Science

Language development and literacy are the building blocks for school readiness. As a parent, there are simple things you can do every day to encourage mastery of important skills. For example, engage in active conversations with your child to promote her self expression and ever-expanding vocabulary. Read together daily. Offer regular opportunities to practice emerging and established writing skills. 

Explore additional activities and ideas that support reading readiness at home.


Math experiences for young children often start with sorting and ordering objects and understanding patterns. As they grow, so does their mathematical proficiency - moving from counting, to numeral recognition, and then on to increasingly sophisticated mathematical concepts.

Discover more ways to advance your child's skills in math and understanding of math in everyday life.

Science experiences for young children should captivate their attention, nurture their natural curiosity, encourage further inquiry, and help them develop strategies for finding out more about their expanding world.

Explore ideas and activities that encourage your child's innate interest in science.

growing learners preparing for school Preparing for School
Preparing for School
Parents have a direct impact on instilling a love of learning in young children. By actively creating a fun and supportive environment, where learning happens naturally, your child will stay engaged and inspired as he continually develops new skills and greater confidence.

Learn more about how to promote lifelong learning in children of all ages throughout the school year.

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