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Episode 6: Wins for Working Parents

Looking for a fresh take on how working parents can achieve integration among the various parts of life that matter most? Go from tug-of-war between working and parenting to peaceful coexistence by ditching the old idea of work-life “balance,” where one may outweigh the other, and instead consider how you can harmonize and integrate your most important areas of life.
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Episode 5: Strike a Balance with Good Enough Parenting

When it comes to the key areas of your life, there’s a delicate line between achieving balance and managing a hectic, busy life as a working parent. When it comes to parenting, career, marriage, and your social or community life, how can good enough parenting help you find calm in the chaos?
Episode 4: Long Distance Caregiving Listen Now

Episode 4: Long Distance Caregiving

Helping your parents as they get older can be stressful, especially if they live far away. When you have your own family responsibilities at home, it’s even harder. How can you create a care plan that includes the whole family and helps you balance your everyday responsibilities with the needs of your parents?
Episode 3: The Caregiving Generation Listen Now

Episode 3: The Caregiving Generation

The graying of America has brought “sandwich” responsibilities to millions of people – parents caring for children and elderly parents at the same time. Are you one of them? Get elder caregiving tips for effectively managing work, parenting, and caregiving.
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Episode 2: Making Modern Family Life Work

It’s tough to be a parent in a world where being connected to work 24/7 is common. Are there ways to slow down and focus on what matters without compromise? Learn how minimalist parenting can help you prioritize what’s important to your family.