Parent & Teacher Communications Watch Now

Parent Teacher Partnerships: The Keys to Successful Collaboration

Creating optimal parent teacher partnerships takes skill and know-how; you need to understand the goals, your responsibilities, and the line between advocating and over-involvement. Watch this webinar to hear from Bright Horizons education experts Ruth and Melanie about getting the best out of the relationships with your children’s teachers.


  • Melanie Brooks, Bright Horizons Education Expert
  • Ruth Fidino, Family Matters Moderator
Tips for Caring for Aging Baby Boomers Watch Now

The Caregiving Generation: Tips for Caring for Aging Parents

With the rapid graying of today’s America, caregiving responsibilities among the classic Sandwich generation have expanded to millions of people – with everyone from Millennials to Boomers struggling under the enormous weight of caring for aging family members, their children, and themselves.

Watch our Family Matters webinar to hear discussion about the new face of caregiving. Uncover how you - as a caregiver - can cope with these new responsibilities, and strategies for effectively managing your life, and those for whom you provide care.


  • Noreen Guanci, CEO & Co-Founder, Long Term Solutions
  • Andrea Wickes Bowles, Family Matters Moderator
Teaching Kids to Care for Others & Volunteer Family Watch Now

Growing Givers: Raising Socially Responsible Children

Raising children to be socially aware, community oriented, charitable minded, and educated about their world is more vital than ever in today's global society. Watch our webinar to hear the Bright Horizons Foundation for Children® discuss how social responsibility and empathy develops as your child grows, bridging family, school, and community life, and meaningful activities your family can do together to make a difference in your community and in the world.


  • Karin Weaver, Director of Strategic Initiatives & Partnerships at the Bright Horizons Foundation for Children
  • Christine Healy, Family Matters Moderator
  • Heather Ferillo, Family Room Blogger
School Readiness & Preparing Kids for School Watch Now

School Readiness: Beyond the Basics

School readiness is so much more than knowing colors, shapes, and ABC's. A school-ready child is engaged, eager to learn, willing and able to follow directions, and happily adjusted to group life in a classroom setting. Watch our parent webinar to learn how early classroom experiences shape your child, build confidence, provide skills for school success and how you can extend this learning at home.


  • Rachel Robertson, VP of Learning & Development at Bright Horizons
  • Ruth Fidino, Family Matters Moderator

Bright Horizons Prepares Children for Kindergarten & School

Also, download an email- and print-friendly version of the Bright Horizons School Readiness Study and the School Readiness Infographic.

How to Achieve Work Life Balance as a Working Mom Watch Now

Work Life Balance Tips: Four-Way Wins for Working Parents

Work…home…the children…your spouse…hobbies…parents…the dog…the cat: how do you balance it all? The answer is…you don't have to. A healthier view of work and life is that they aren't so much balanced, which implies that one wins and one loses. Rather, they are integrated.

Watch our parenting webinar - Integrating Work & Life: Four-Way Wins - to learn strategies to take you from tug-of-war between work, parenting, and family to peaceful co-existence.

Stew Friedman, Director of the Work/Life Integration Project at Wharton, shares concepts from his 2014 best-selling book, Leading the Life You Want: Skills for Integrating Work and Life. In this book, Friedman discusses "the idea that work competes with life ignores the more nuanced reality of our humanity - the intersection and interaction of four central domains: work, home, community, and the private self."