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What's in a Name? Understanding Differences in Early Childhood Education

Unsure about the differences between the child care options available? Learn about the elements and importance of early childhood education.
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Preschool Development and Addressing Feelings of Anger

Preschoolers can react to anger with behaviors ranging from a few tears to a full-on tantrum. Use these tips to help your child manage his or her emotions.
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Ideas for Starting Fun Family Traditions

Family traditions can offer opportunities to bond and keep everyone connected. Learn ways you can start new family traditions that continue for years to come.
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Child Safety: Summer Safety Tips for Toddlers

Join us as we focus on the “big four”—the summer safety areas that can cause serious and potentially life-threatening injuries. Address these issues and you’re on your way to a safer summer with your little adventurer.
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Children with Introverted Personality Traits: Tips for Social Development

Almost 50% of Americans can identify themselves as introverts. Use these tips to raise an introverted child who embraces his or her innate temperament.
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