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Talking to Children about Healthy Eating Habits and Positive Body Image

Developing healthy habits and a positive self-image in your children is something all parents worry about. Read these tips to learn how to talk to kids about healthy eating habits and positive body image.
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How to Help School Age Children Navigate Friendships

How can you help your school age child develop healthy friendships without intruding on their independence? Find parenting tips to help your child thrive.
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The Importance of Free and Unstructured Outdoor Play for Kids

While structure is important, your child also benefits from unstructured outdoor activities. Learn how outdoor play can help your child's development.
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Children Developing Independence: What Is the Right Balance?

From an early age, children are learning how to be independent. Read these tips to encourage independence in your kids in a safe and positive way. 
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How Children Can Learn & Benefit from Family Style Meals

Family style meals at Bright Horizons classrooms help with child development. See the benefits of family style meals and how to improve your family's meals.
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