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Learning How to Learn: Tips for Developing Executive Functioning Skills at Home

Executive function skills are strong predictors of success later in life. Read these fun ways children can develop execute function skills at home.
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Baby Essentials: 5 Must-Have Baby Items for New Parents

Preparing for a new baby requires purchasing baby gear. Learn which must-have baby items are worth the splurge and will make your life easier. 
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Teaching Your Children about Politics and Government

Learn how you can prepare your children to be active participants in the political process as adults by teaching about politics today.
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Helping Preschoolers with Self-Control: Simple Self-Control Activities, Games, and Strategies for Children

The beginnings of self-control start in early childhood. Use these simple tips to help your child develop self-restraint and self-regulation.
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Embracing Cultural Diversity: Teaching Tolerance and Empathy

The commitment to embracing cultural diversity begins in childhood. Read these tips for teaching empathy, compassion, and tolerance to children.
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