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Mozart Miracles?

The “Mozart Effect” comes from a study where it was observed that brain development increases in children under age 3 when they listen to the music of Mozart.   
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Will Breastfeeding Make Your Child Smarter?

Research has shown that babies who are breastfed on average have higher IQs and are less likely to develop some illnesses.
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As the War Continues

Some preschool and school-age children will react to the war and the likely terror alerts to follow – some with anxiety, others with little anxiety but lots of interest. Other children will experience little anxiety and very little interest. Some will be involved if they have family members de...
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Children, War, and Terror

Times of national and international crisis not only test us as citizens and human beings sharing a planet, they also test us as parents. They test us both as protectors of our children, whose primary goal is to keep them physically and emotionally safe, and as our children’s teachers.
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Growing a Lifelong Reader

Readers grow and flourish in families and communities that value the written word. Literacy is the product of extensive and systematic interactions with printed words and high expectations for the child’s language development.
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